ABOUT THIS BLOG -- I was once a writer published the old fashioned way. I am trying to relearn that skill after 15 years of silence, exploring a topic that many are scared to explore. Seeking or being involuntary placed in mental health treatment creates a stigma for the patient -- no matter how strong or trustworthy that patient was before treatment, they are somehow deemed weak and untrustworthy. In my 30 years of psychotherapy and 15 years of silence, I've observed that should something go wrong between clinician and patient, the clinician gets the benefit of the doubt. There are advocates and organizations that are supposed to counterbalance this tendency, but I feel even they are flawed. This is a blog about my journey.

Holy good gah....


Part of me feels like a jerk. Part of me says its a necessary evil to prove to whoever may be reading this blog that I am not making this stuff up. All apologies to the photographer/videographer, who covers these stories. I wish I could give proper credit. Hopefully, someday I will.

Recently, I wrote three fires on one street within one block in one year is rare. I went on to explain that unless it was a fire took out three buildings in a row, which is indeed still even rarer. I don't know if I deleted that line to shorten the post, or if it will be in a blog post in the upcoming week or so. But nonetheless, three houses caught fire this morning.

There is another house to the right of the one that is obviously on fire, and it is fuming smoke, which is usually a bad thing.