ABOUT THIS BLOG -- I was once a writer published the old fashioned way. I am trying to relearn that skill after 15 years of silence, exploring a topic that many are scared to explore. Seeking or being involuntary placed in mental health treatment creates a stigma for the patient -- no matter how strong or trustworthy that patient was before treatment, they are somehow deemed weak and untrustworthy. In my 30 years of psychotherapy and 15 years of silence, I've observed that should something go wrong between clinician and patient, the clinician gets the benefit of the doubt. There are advocates and organizations that are supposed to counterbalance this tendency, but I feel even they are flawed. This is a blog about my journey.

They don't use their real names, yet they are judge and jury?

Freud said we have nightmares because of unresolved conflicts. I am an insomniac. Since no one cares about the problem solving or the well-being of anyone but themselves. I am going to be as blatantly obvious as possible.

The clinic I am talking about in the blog is Samaritan Hospital of Troy, NY. The county office that works in tandem with this office is Rennselaer County Mental Health. The news says the county offices are moving out of Troy. The newspapers are the Troy Record and the Albany Times Union. The freelancer calls himself Sidewinder Productions.(google keyword Sidewinder troy ny) Troy, NY is within a two hour drive from where the first bat with white nosed syndrome was documented.

The clinicians go by the names Katri Noble, Elena Tanski, Daniela Andrade, Sarah Koch, Cathy or Kathy Coons. I doubt these are their real names.

Katri is a fair skinned blonde, most of the time she is taller than 5'4". She is curvy and usually has pink toned skin.

Tanski is a dark skinned woman but not dark-skinned like an African, European, Hispanic or Latino. She has long dark brown to black straight horse hair. She has also gone by the name Ilana, Illana, Elina, she has gone by the last name Caldarazzo and a last name ending in -ski. Patients and her co-workers alike call her 'Hellena.' I know for a fact two of her once lived in south Troy, NY. Her height ranges from 5'2" to 5'7"

Daniela is a fuller lipped lighter to medium toned brunette, but sometimes she can be blonde.

Coons is allegedly an older woman that also works for the Catholic Diocese of Albany, NY. She is also of pastor of a Waterford, NY church. The spelling of her first name changes, even in the printed newspapers. She has been known to be blonde, and salt and pepper grey and sometimes has a tattoo. She generally keeps her hair short and is allegedly retired from the mental health industry according to newspapers. She runs from 5'4" to 5'8" tall.

Sarah Koch is a curvy, freckled strawberry blonde to redhead. She sometimes has a tattoo on her right shoulder.

If they don't work in Troy; they are known to work in other nearby location.

The politicians' names include but are not limited to Steve Madden of Troy, NY and Michael McNulty of Green Island, NY.

Don't bother contacting Vermont Psych Survivors; they rather tell everyone they read emails twice and to shut up like Andrade.

Unlike a world of apathy and over-competition that I was accused of enjoying; I rather not victim-shame and censor; I rather do the right thing and warn people about this place, especially if those who have power to do something about choose not to. The other patients in this blog are Kristen Garzone, and someone named Freedom Free on Youtube (but you may want to go to Youtube and search keywords "mental health troy NY".)

Oh, and the name of the black man that was shot a block away from where I lived was Edson Thevinin.

Incomplete list of movies recorded in Troy and list of directors of those movies --

Gilded Age, Yes Men, Ollman, Price, Smith, Bostonians, Ivory, Wordplay, Creadon, Ironweed, Babenco, Emperors Club, Hoffman, Age of Innocence, Scorsese, Time Machine, Wells, Scent of a Woman, Brest, Pauls Case, Johnson, Opponent, Jarecki, Wedding Advice Speak Now, Forever Hold Your Peace, Sosnoski, Zeytoonjian, Shadow Tracker, Vampire Hunter, Bagnardi, Motherless Brooklyn, Norton, Raising Hell, Bethmann, Szmyr, Get a Grip, West, RealVision, Alkoff, Maker of Guns, Platt, Scotch Hill, Kuell, Pawn, Schaffer, Nightingale Princess, Dreisbach, Museum, Gietl, Corruption, Bishop, Against the Current, Callahan, A Void, Gietl, Clash of the Champions, Distractions, Scorzelli, Juche Idea, Brave and the Kind, Meetcute on Danceworld, Khan, Inheritance, Asili, Falling World, Bethany, Lunamancer, Mucci, Do Sharks Get Seasick, Yule Log, Electric Boogaloo Bois, Yost,